Geophysical and geotechnical assessment of a failed canal.

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Adeoti, L
Kehinde, I
Jalekun, A.A
Adegbola, R.B
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Society of Exploration Geophysicists
The integration of geophysical and geotechnical methods was used to assess a failed canal at Ijora Badia, Lagos Nigeria. The subsurface information was obtained by using two electrode arrays for the resistivity data acquisition. Geotechnical data were obtained through four boreholes via percursion drilling within the study area. The integrative approach reveals that the subsoil materials consist of peat, organic silty clay, clayey sand, silty sand, and sand. The study shows that low resistivity values exhibited by soft clay / peat and are possible cause of the collapse. The analysis of the subsoil conditions based on the proposed load of 60 kN/m2 imposed by canal structure on the peaty soil reveals settlement values of 365-843 mm which are too excessive for shallow foundation types. Also lateral and vertical thicknesses of the peat preclude the use of piling and vibroflotation. Thus, ground improvement using chemical grounding is proposed.
canal , Geotechnical , Geotechnical , Resistivity
Adeoti*, L., Kehinde, I., Jalekun, A. A., & Adegbola, R. B. (2015, July). Geophysical and geotechnical assessment of a failed canal. In Near-Surface Asia Pacific Conference, Waikoloa, Hawaii, 7-10 July 2015 (pp. 276-279). Society of Exploration Geophysicists, Australian Society of Exploration Geophysicists, Chinese Geophysical Society, Korean Society of Earth and Exploration Geophysicists, and Society of Exploration Geophysicists of Japan.