Issues Relating to Women's Vulnerability to Hiv/Aids in Nigeria

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Nwanna, C
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This article examines the issues relating to high vulnerability of women to HIV infection and the challenges posed by these issues with particular reference to Nigeria. The paper notes that women are particularly vulnerable to HIV infection for biological, social, cultural and economic reasons. Globally, evidence has shown that the number of women infected with HIV/AIDS has increased tremendously - indicating a corresponding increase in the number of infants acquiring HIV infection through mother to child transmission. Most of the AIDS prevention strategies are focused on men therefore there is an urgent need for transformation of these strategies to meet women's needs.
Women , HIV/AIDS , Nigeria , Infectious disease , Transmission , Prevention
Nwanna, C. (2000). Issues relating to women's vulnerability to HIV/AIDS in Nigeria. Paper presented at the Second International Conference of National Association of Women Academics (NAWACS), University of Abuja.