Childhood Antecedent Of Female Socialization Into Competitive Sport.

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Otinwa, G.O.
Adeyeye, F.M.
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After the Beijing Conference in 1994, declaration and platform for action was set, Amongst the twelve critical areas of concern is the state of the girl-child which called on the government to encourage girls to participate in the social functioning of the society (Akande, 1995), Sports as an arm of social life relatively suffers deprivation of the girl-child in active and competitive sports, The focus of this study is to find out childhood antecedents of female socialization into-competitive sports, The subject used for this study comprised one hundred and fifty sports (N = 150) women who competed during the 10th National Sports Festival (Benue 96) held at Makurdi, Benue State in April, 1996, Respondents were between ages 20 - 30 years and participated in individual, dual and team games,The instrument used for data collection was questionnaire which had fifteen items only, Two hundred questionnaire were administered and collected back during the festival, Only one-hundred and fifty,copies were found useful for data~analysis, Data were analysed using frequency count nnd percentages, It was concluded that there is socicil inequality in socinlization of girls and boys into competitive sports to the; favour of the boys,, ,.2 It was recommended that gender issues in sport; especially female participation in competitive sport be thoroughly researched into in our society, This will serve a framework of integrating more females into competitive sport at an early age and subsequently trained into competitive sports,
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Socialization , Childhood
Otinwa,G.O & Adeyeye,F.M.(1997) Childhood Antecedent Of Female Socialization Into Competitive Sport.Being a Paper Presented During 11th Conference Of Nigeria Association Of Sport Science And Medicine Held At National Institute Of Sport