A Reflection On Urhobo Funeral Poetry As Socio-Cultural History.

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Ohwovoriole, F.E.
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African traditional funeral poetry or the dirge is a poem, chant, recitation or song of lamentation, expressing sorrow, usually performed at funerals or memorial rites. It provides a valuable framework for the people to explore the nature of life and death and relate this to the ultimate purpose of human existence. As a unique literary type, the dirge takes various forms and tackles diverse subjects, which makes it a valuable source of artistic, social and philosophical expressiveness. The performance of funeral dirges by the Urhobo is very closely tied to their belief in life after death. The Urhobo people are found mainly in the Delta State of Nigeria. They consist of over a million people. (Aweto in Ekeh 2005) There are twenty-two polities and the socio-political units have dirges that are essentially alike in themes, modes of presentation and performance. This study highlights Urhobo culture that is discerned in the people’s funeral songs or dirges.
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Poetry , Dirges
Ohwovoriole,F. (2013) A Reflection On Urhobo Funeral Poetry As Socio-Cultural History. Nigerian Journal of Oral Literatures , (1), p.65-80).