Stratigraphy of stereisporites spp. and allied spores from the Nigerian neogene

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Durugbo, E. U.
Ogundipe, O.T.
Olowokudejo, J. D.
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Various species of Pteridophytes and Bryophytes abound in the Nigerian Neogene as revealed by palynomorph records. One of the commonest is Sphagnum species with spores which are normally with smooth exine (Stereisporites spp.), which are of three types. These appear to have evolved close to the Early Late Miocene much before those with varied sculptures hereby ascribed to Trilites which are concentrated in the Pliocene to Early Pleistocene. Their stratigraphic ranges revealed that these latter species evolved close to the Early Pliocene and may have possibly continued to the present time. Their acmes are in the P900 subzone, while the species with smooth sculptures continue into the Late Miocene and are mostly used as the P840/P830 boundary marker. These undescribed new taxa which consist of three species of Stereisporites, two species each of Camarozonosporites, Trilites, and a single species each of Echitriletes, Rugulatisporites, Selaginella, Triporoletes and Granulatisporites sp., are hereby highlighted. The result of this investigation will aid the refinement of the existing palynological zones of the Western Niger Delta and further improve paleovegetational and paleoecological inferences henceforth.
Stereisporites , Trilites , Bryophytes , Smooth exine , Rough exine
Durugbo, E. U., Ogundipe, O. T. and Olowokudejo, J. D. (2014). Stratigraphy of stereisporites spp. and allied spores from the Nigerian Neogene. International Journal of Current Research 6(4): 6003-6010