Quality Education: A Panacea for National Security, Peace, and Integration in Nigeria

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Sheidu, S.
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The study investigated quality education as a solution for national security, peace, and integration in Nigeria. Variables such as security, peace and integration were considered to ascertain whether the problem associated with them could be resolved when the citizens acquire quality education. The paper adopted the content analysis method which is concerned with the review and critique of relevant academic literatures, this approach required the researcher to address the objectives of the paper. Secondary data drawn from the academic contributions of scholars and educational policy makers in textbooks, journals, government gazettes, public lecture notes, and the internet were used for this paper and also through direct observations of activities related to the paper. The construction of a research instrument and the use of descriptive or inferential statistics were not applicable. The study found that peace, national security, and integration can only be achieved in an environment where people have an understanding of peaceful coexistence which can only be achieved when the people are duly informed through quality education. The study concluded that when the citizens of a country are properly informed, educated and have proper acquisition of quality education, they cannot pose a threat to national security, peaceful coexistence, and integration in Nigeria. Based on these findings, it was recommended that Nigerian educational system should be reinforced to give the citizens at all levels of education the ingredients that will reconstruct their minds positively and equip them to exist peacefully as an integral entity.
Conference Paper
Quality Education , National integration
Sheidu, S. (2014) Quality Education: A Panacea for National Security, Peace, and Integration in Nigeria. Being a paper presented at the 33rd Annual Conference of the National Association for Educational administration and Planning.