Argumentative Patterns in President Goodluck Jonathan’s Inaugural Speech

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Sobola, E
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Faculty of Arts, University of Lagos
Political discourse is an effective tool in the hand of political actors useful for handling sensitive political issues that affect a part of society or society as a whole. Every political actor uses political discourse to present their arguments in a well structured logical way to their people. This paper carries out a discourse analysis of the inaugural speech of President Goodluck Jonathan using Toulmin’s Argument Model to investigate the argumentative patterns in the speech to reveal its communicative and persuasive features. The speech is analysed using the six components of persuasive argument in the model. In this paper we argue that every discourse is an argument; political discourse is a means of expressing political ideology; political discourse has argumentative patterns; and political discourse is an expression of power in a persuasive way.
political discourse, Nigerian political discourse, argumentative pattern, Toulmin's model inaugural speech, political ideology, persuasion