The Challenges of The Adolescent Learner.

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Olusakin, A.M
Osarenren, N.A
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The Lagos State SUBEB/Faculty of Education, University of Lagos
Adolescence is a complex period of human development during which serious developmental tasks challenge young people. They are striving to achieve emotional independence from their parents, develop mature relationships with others and understand their own identities and they are constructing an ethical framework to guide behaviour while preparing for their economic futures and beginning to assume new adult roles in their families and communities. They must manage these various interrelated tasks during a tempestuous period of rapid personal change, marked by physical, social, emotional and cognitive developments. The young people who make the transition to adult life most successfully are those who have the opportunity to approach these developmental tasks in a supportive learning environment within the context of families, communities, workplaces and schools.
Challenges , Adolescent , Learners , Research Subject Categories::HUMANITIES and RELIGION
Olusakin, A.M and Osarenren N.A. (2008). The Challenges of The Adolescent Learner. A Paper Presented At The Lagos State SUBEB/Faculty Of Education, University of Lagos Skill Improvement Workshop Held At University Of Lagos, Akoka, Lagos, 1st – 5th December, 2008