Bio-ethanol production from saccharified sawdust cellulose obtained from twenty different trees along the Lagos Lagoon in Nigeria

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Okiei, W O
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Lignocellulosic biomass can be adequately utilized in the production of bio-ethanol, a promising alternative energy resource for non-renewable fossil fuels. The development of renewable energy resources involves mainly the hydrolysis of the cellulose component of waste biomass into glucose and the successive fermentation of the resulting sugars into ethanol. An investigation into the use of sawdust waste from twenty different tropical hardwoods for bio-ethanol production has been performed. Kraft-pretreated waste cellulose from the various trees have been saccharified with T. viride cellulase as well as sulphuric acid. The resulting sugars were converted into bio-ethanol by means of separate hydrolysis and fermentation (SHF) as well as simultaneous saccharification and fermentation (SSF). The highest alcohol concentration of 3.71 was obtained during the separate hydrolysis and fermentation process converting K. ivorensis wood sawdust whilst the lowest alcohol concentration of 2.54 was recorded with Ipomoea asarifolia cellulose. During SSF the highest alcohol production was calculated at a value of 3.89 , produced from K. ivorensis cellulose with the lowest concentration obtained at 2,73 obtained from cellulose extracted from Erythropleum suaveolens. Fermentation of sugars obtained after sulphuric acid catalyzed degradation of these cellulose materials produced the highest ethanol concentration of 3.32 with the lowest bio-ethanol concentration (1,86 ) obtained from Masonia altissima cellulose. The highest relative percentage yield of alcohol obtained after acid catalyzed saccharification was 40% calculated with cellulose from Kyaya ivorensis whilst a maximum extent of 65% alcohol production was evident during the fermentation of sugars produced from T. viride cellulase catalyzed saccharification of Masonia altissima cellulose.
Bio-ethanol , Lignocellulosic biomass