Genital Injuries in Civil Urban Population

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Osegbe, D.N
Ekeke, O.N
Ukpong, A.E
Kanu, O.O
Ogunbamise, O.O
Adegbola, O.
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Lagos Journal of Surgery- Department of Surgery, College of Medicine, University of Lagos
To assess the pattern of genital injuries in an urban Nigeria population, 34 evaluable patients managed in our service in the past 5 years were studied. The patients were young and there was a strong male preponderance (1 6: l). The injury mechanism was penetrating and gunshot by armed robbers inflicted complex and severe iniuries. Iniuryto hospital time and injury to intervention fime in hospital were prolonged in many. Circumcision related penile iniury followed by armed robbery gunshot topped the chart of aet1010gy. Infection at 63% was a maior source of high morbidity and prolonged hospital stay. Gunshot wounds were managed by extensive debridement and delayed primary suturing. The testes were explored in all violent injuries to the scrotum. Fractured penis was treated by immediate penile degloving and suturing of the breach in tunica albuginea with restoration of erection. Penile amputations, managed by naked eye re-apposition failed. Orchidectomy was performed for shattered testis. Only one patient required blood transfusion. Associated iniuries were common and urethral damage ranked highest. One death occurred but this was not owing to genital iniury per se. Genital iniury is uncommon but will rise with increasing violence in civil society. Early, and expert intervention hold the key to satisfactory outcome
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Genital Injuries , Patients , Hospital , Blood transfusion , Research Subject Categories::MEDICINE::Surgery::Obstetrics and women's diseases
Osegbe D.N, Ekeke O.N, Ukpong A.E, Adegbola, O., Kanu O.O, Ogunbamise O.O. (1999). Genital Injuries in Civil Urban Population. Lagos Journal of Surgery, 2(1):3-10.