Studies on the Extract of the Straw of Sorghum arundinaceum and Its Formulation as an Oral Solid Dosage Form

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Mohammed, S.
Azubuike, C.P.
Odulaja, J.
Sowemimo, A.
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The nutritional and medicinal values of the straw of Sorghum arundinaceum were investigated and the freeze-dried extract of the straw was formulated as capsules. The mineral content and proximate analyses of the straw were determined. Phytochemical groups in the extract were identified. The polyphenolic contents were determined using ultraviolet spectroscopy. Standard methods were adopted to determine the physical properties of the extract as well as the quality of the formulated capsules. Mineral content analysis showed that the extract contains the following minerals: potassium (13.24mg/g), calcium (35.57mg/g), magnesium (19.68mg/g), sodium (8.64mg/g), iron (14.49mg/g), manganese (15.45mg/g), zinc (7.35mg/g) and copper (0.75mg/g). Proximate analysis revealed 4.65% moisture, 0.04% protein, 4.70% total ash, 38.25% crude fibre, 11.00% total fat and 41.37% total carbohydrate. The phytochemical groups identified include alkaloids, anthraquinones, cardiac glycosides, flavonoids, saponins, sugars, and tannins. Polyphenolic content analysis also revealed the following: 276mg/g total flavonoids, 163mg/g total proanthocyanidins, and 90mg/g total phenolic acids. The extract has a dark-red colour, a bitter taste, a pungent odour and a gritty feel. Most of the particles had a diameter of less than or equal to 0.422mm and they had a Carr’s index of 11.72% and a Hausner ratio of 1.13. The formulated capsules passed weight uniformity and disintegration tests. These results show the nutritional and medicinal value of the straw of S. arundinaceum and also justified the formulation of the extract into capsules.
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Sorghum arundinaceum , Mineral content , Proximate analysis , Phytochemicals , Polyphenols , Research Subject Categories::PHARMACY
Mohammed S. O., Azubuike C. P., Odulaja, J.O.& Sowemimo. A. (2013). Studies on the Extract of the Straw of Sorghum arundinaceum and Its Formulation as an Oral Solid Dosage Form Iosr. Journal of Pharmacy, 3(2) 1-6.