Poverty and Africa development

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Rahim, A.G.
Ofuani, A.B.
Olatoye, A.O.
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Journal of Economic and Management
Most Africa nations are blessed with plentiful economic resources, however, the continent suffers from abject poverty as mirrored by high prevalence of food crisis, growing unemployment, disease, high illiteracy level among other negative occurrences. Africa is top most among the region where poverty in term of magnitude of the poor has been increasing over time and where the percentage of the poor are comparatively worse off than their counterparts in other parts of the world. With stagnant economic development in most of the Africa nations, there is rising level of poverty which upsurges the danger of social upheaval, concern over social security and by extension crisis of legitimization among others. To lessen poverty and promote economic development, Africa countries need to develop strong institution drive and ensure strong commitment to it, because poverty can only be control with strong institutional framework to empower citizen, promote equitable distribution of resources and upsurge financial inclusion to lessen inequity in the society.
Scholarly article
Poverty , Resource curse , Institutional framework , Developed nation , Developing countries
Rahim, A.G., Ofuani, A.B. Olatoye, A.O. (2020). Poverty and Africa development, 6(1), 86-97