Analysis Of Internal Efficiency Of Technical Colleges In Lagos State.

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Adeogun, A.A.
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This study investigated the issue of internal efficiency of Technical Colleges in Lagos State Nigeria with a view to suggesting ways of minimising wastage on the products of the system. The study took stock of the resources available and how they affect the internal efficiency of technical), colleges in Lagos State. Data were collected through the use of a questionnaire styled Technical Colleges Efficiency Analysis questionnaire (TCEAQ). The questionnaire was administered to the Principals/ Vice principals of the technical colleges. The data were analysed with the use of simple percentage and the reconstructed cohort method. The study found, among other things that the wastage rates were Z percent and 3 percent and wastage ratio 1 .00 and 1 .08 respectively for the two sets of cohorts used, the performance of students was positively related to the rate of utilization of the available resources, students-Teacher ratio was calculated to be 12:1 both physical and material resources were in short supply and the available resources were perceived to be maximally utilised. Based on the findings of the study, some recommendations were made with implications for both practice and further study.
Conference Paper
Technical Education , National Policy on Education
Adeogun,A.A (1999) Analysis Of Internal Efficiency Of Technical Colleges In Lagos State. Being a Paper Presented At The Annual Conference Of National Institute Of Educational Planning And Administration(NIEPA) Held At Ondo,Ondo State, Nigeria.