How does the public perceive healthcare workers in Lagos? A comparison of health workers in public and private health facilities

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Odusanya, O.O.
Akinyinka, M.R.
Oluwole, E.O.
Odugbemi, B.A.
Bakare, O.Q.
Adeniran, A.
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Niger Postgrad Med J
Background: The perception of healthcare workers(HCWs) by community members is dependent on the quality of services rendered by HCWs and contributes to utilisation. The objective of the study was to assess the perception of health workers in both public and private facilities by residents of Lagos State. Materials and Methods: A descriptive cross‑sectional study was conducted using mixed‑methods approach. Respondents(n = 2000) were selected using a multistaged sampling technique from four local government areas. An interviewer‑administered, pre‑tested questionnaire developed for the study was used for data collection and focus group discussions were held. Domains assessed included competence, work attitudes, interpersonal skills and unethical behaviour. A perception index was generated. Data were analysed using the Statistical Package for the Social Sciences version 22, with level of significance set at 0.05 for quantitative data and ATLAS.ti software (Scientific Software, Berlin; version 7) for qualitative data. Results: At least seven out of ten participants (>71%) perceived the HCWs highly in the areas of professional competence, attitude to work, responsiveness and interpersonal skills. Out of a maximum of 12, doctors had the highest mean perception index (10.6 ± 1.9), laboratory scientists had 10.1 ± 2.1, pharmacists had 10.0 ± 2.3 and nurses had 9.6 ± 2.7. Alarger proportion of respondents had a significantly better perception of workers in private facilities more than those in government facilities. Conclusion: Perception of health workers was high and was better in privately owned facilities. Periodic retraining of health workers and regular assessments of health facilities are recommended.
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Healthcare workers , Private facilities , Community , Residents of Lagos State , Research Subject Categories::MEDICINE::Social medicine
Odusanya OO, Akinyinka MR, Oluwole EO, Odugbemi BA, Bakare OQ, Adeniran A. How does the public perceive healthcare workers in Lagos? A comparison of health workers in public and private health facilities. Niger Postgrad Med J 2018; 25:177-85.