Communication of Scientists through Scientific Publications: Math-Net.Ru as a Case Study.

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Pechnikov, Andrey
Chebukov, Dmitry
Nwohiri, Anthony
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CEUR Workshop Proceedings
We present a study of two scientific collaboration graphs built using data drawn from Math-Net.Ru, an all-Russian mathematical portal. One of the graphs is a citation-based scientific collaboration graph. It is an oriented graph with no loops and multiple edges. Its vertices denote authors of papers, while the arcs connecting these vertices denote that the first author has, in at least one of his papers, cited the work of the second author. The second graph is a coauthor- ship-based graph. It is a non-oriented graph, where the vertices denote authors, while edges connecting two vertices indicates that the two authors have coauthored at least a paper. We conduct a traditional study of the main characteristics of both graphs, such as degrees of vertices, influence of vertices, diameter, mean distance, connected components and clustering. Both graphs are found to have a similar connectivity structure – both have a giant component and several small components. Using the two graphs, we split the set of Math-Net.Ru authors. In this set, it was revealed that more than 40% of authors who have co-authored a paper with someone have not ever cited their co-authors. This means there is no deliberate plan to cite each other’s work in the journals registered in Math-Net.Ru.
Scientific collaboration, Scientific journal, Citation, Co-authorship, Graph, Math-Net.Ru.
Pechnikov, A.A., Chebukov, D.E., Nwohiri, A.M. (2020). Communication of Scientists through Scientific Publications: Math-Net.Ru as a Case Study. CEUR Workshop Proceedings, Volume 2784, pp. 234-244, 2020. Proceedings of the 22nd Conference on Scientific Services & Internet (SSI-2020), Novorossiysk-Abrau (online), Russia, September 21-25, 2020.