The producer of our time personality platform

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Timothy Asobele, S.J.
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In this work our focus is on the programme Personulitv Platform and the Producer. Although we shall devote a chapter to till' operation of the television system and another to who is who in tile television industry, yet another chapter to the development of the television industry before and after Independence, the importance of deregulation of the electronic media in Nigeria viz: objective, prospects and problems in a developing economy like Nigeria; the impact of advertising in the Television industry in Nigeria will also be search lighted. But, the main focus of the study is Personality Platform and its relevance towards societal growth. We all know that development without growth is no development. But during this so" birthday anniversary celebration of Alhaji Badru this book will in an illuminating manner show the guts of the producer whose love for democracy inspired him to invite both moderates as well as activists in the political scene of Nigeria. Therefore our study will be devoted to favour of most of the guests that have been invited in the past three years to Personality Platform.
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Timothy Asobele, S.J. (2000).