virtual migration: policy considerations for quality teaching and learning in Nigerian higher educational institutions

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Oladejo, M.A
Adeyemo, K.A
Adebiyi, A.D
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National Open University of Nigeria Centre of Migration and Global Studies
Technological advancement before the advent of the pandemic introduced different applications for online meetings which have also been found very useful for virtual teaching and learning. In Nigeria, virtual learning is not a new phenomenon in the education system because there are higher educational institutions such as National Open University which offer Open, Distance, and e-Learning (OD&eL) mode of educational delivery. As a result of the lockdown occasioned by COVID-19 pandemic, schools were completely shut and academic activities ceased, at least, for some period of time. The need to ensure continuous learning thus made several institutions of learning to migrate online. The main thrust of this paper therefore is to discuss areas that require the strengthening of policies in the quest for quality teaching and learning in Nigeria’s higher educational institutions en route virtual migration. The genesis of Corona virus globally and in Nigeria was 26 discussed. Discussions on some relevant concepts such as quality teaching and learning, virtual migration, and so on were also brought to the fore. Factors that are necessary for implementing effective virtual migration in higher institutions like vision and plans, students and staff support, copyright and intellectual property law were also highlighted. The paper underscored some areas where policies are to be strengthened in an attempt at transiting to a virtual institution. Finally, the paper recommended among others that higher educational institutions need the full support of the government in terms of making concrete policies and funding appropriately, this would help augment quality teaching and learning in the school.
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Quality Teaching , Virtual Migration , Virtual Pedagogy , Virtual Literacy , Quality Learning , Research Subject Categories::SOCIAL SCIENCES::Social sciences::Education
Oladejo, M.A., Adeyemo, K.A., & Adebiyi, A.D (2021). Virtual migration: Policy considerations for quality teaching and learning in Nigerian higher educational institutions. International Journal of Migration and Global Studies, 1(2), 25-47.