Indications for Destructive Eye Surgeries at a Nigerian Tertiary Eye Care Centre: A Ten Year Review

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Musa, K.O
Aribaba, O.T
Onakoya, A.O
Rotimi-Samuel, A
Akinsola, F.B
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Nigerian Postgraduate Medical Journal
Background: Destructive eye surgeries are terminal treatment modalities for some ophthalmic conditions with psychological, emotional and cosmetic implications, especially for the patients and their relatives. Objective: The aim of this study was to determine the frequency and indications for destructive eye surgeries at an Eye Centre of a Nigerian Tertiary Hospital with a view to identifying the preventable indications for which appropriate preventive measures could be recommended. Patients and Methods: A retrospective, descriptive study of all patients who underwent evisceration, enucleation or exenteration at the Guinness Eye Centre, Lagos University Teaching Hospital from January 2003 to December 2012 was performed. Their outpatient, ward and theatre records were retrieved and reviewed. Information obtained included age, sex, eye affected, duration of symptoms before presentation, visual acuity of affected eye at diagnosis, indication for surgery and type of destructive surgery. Results: A total of 186 eyes of 185 patients were surgically removed constituting 4.8% of a total of 3866 surgeries performed during the period of study. Children below 16 years accounted for 33.5% of the cases while 30.3% were in their first decade of life. Overall, the most common indication for destructive eye surgery was trauma (36.2%) followed by tumour (27.6%) and ocular infection (18.4%). However, tumour (73.2%) was the most common indication in the first decade of life with retinoblastoma accounting for 92.7% of these. Conclusion: Ocular trauma, tumour and infection were the most common indications for destructive eye surgery in this centre. Key Words: Destructive, eye surgeries, indications, Nigerian, tertiary
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Eye surgeries , Ophthalmic conditions , Patients , Infections
Musa KO, Aribaba OT, Onakoya AO, Rotimi-Samuel A, Akinsola FB. Indications for Destructive Eye Surgeries at a Nigerian Tertiary Eye Care Centre: A Ten Year Review. Niger Postgrad Med J. 2016; 23: 12-16.