Physics Education

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Adeyemo, S.A.
Babajide, V.F.T.
Morris, Y.
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Education is the best process to achieving any form of transformation. The economy of any nation primarily depends on the level of scientific and technological development of such nation through the process of education. Physics has being identified as a core subject for scientific and technological advancement. Nigerian students run away from this subject as a result of poor performance due to poor method of instruction which is predominantly on teacher's activities at the expense of students' interactions in the classroom. This of course hinders Nigerian students from constructing their own knowledge that will lead to the discovery of new technologies to solve problems of energy and power and boost the economy rather than depending on foreign technologies. The study compares student achievement in four different classroom interaction patterns in the teaching and learning of Physics in secondary schools in Lagos State. A pretest, posttest non randomized control group quasi-experimental design was adopted. Purposive sampling was used to obtain a sample of 211 SSII students of intact classes from four co-educational secondary schools. A validated Physics Achievement Test (PAT) of reliability coefficient r= 0.73 was used. Three hypotheses were formulated and tested at 0.05 level of significance. Data were analyzed using ANCOVA. Results showed a significant main effect of treatment and gender on achievement of students in physics. Also, students exposed to teacher-student interaction obtained the highest mean score of 44.00, followed by those exposed to group work/projects and supervised by the teacher (Mean=37.60), the entire classroom interaction group has a mean of 35.92 while the student taught by a fellow student scored the lowest (Mean=32.92). Researchers recommended that varied forms of classroom interaction patterns should be adopted for teaching physics for a transformative economy in Nigeria.
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Nigerian Economy , Physics Education , Transforming , Pedagogical Shift , Research Subject Categories::SOCIAL SCIENCES::Social sciences::Education
Adeyemo, S.A. Babajide, V.F.T. Morris, Y. (2015). Physics Education: Transforming The Nigerian Economy Through Pedagogical Shift. International Journal of Entrepreneurial Development, Education and Science Research, 3(1), 158-168p.