Motivation and Self-Esteem: Exploring Students Gender, Reasoning Levels and Interest in Secondary School Chemistry

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Okafor, N
Yewande, R.O.
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Infonomic Society
Chemistry education is an engine room for economic, social and national development of any nation. Unfortunately, chemistry education in Nigeria has been plagued with mirage of problem such as poor leaching strategies, low self-esteem, poor achievement, low motivation and poor enrolment of girls, characterized by lose of interest. Some gender protagonists have established the existence of reasoning levels difference between females and male students with the males systematically and logical out-performing the girls. The purpose of this study was to determine how motivation and self-esteem as well as reasoning levels could influence secondary school girls' interest in chemistry. Four research questions guided the study. It was a correlation survey that involved TOO public co-educational secondary school girls in Lagos State of Nigeria. Three research instruments were used in data collection. Data were analyzed using Pearson moment correlation coefficient. Analysis of Variance and multiple regression analysis. The results showed a significant mean difference of reasoning levels; significant relationship among motivation, self-esteem and reasoning levels; significant composite contributions of motivation, self-esteem and reasoning levels and significant relative contributions of reasoning levels and self-esteem but motivation did not make any relative contribution in explaining secondary school girls' interest in chemistry. The study outlined numerous recommendations and concluded that appropriate learning opportunities could help in promoting girls' self-esteem and motivation in developing desired interest in chemistry across four levels of reasoning.
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self-esteem , learning opportunities , chemistry , levels of reasoning , motivation , Research Subject Categories::SOCIAL SCIENCES::Social sciences::Education
Okafor, N. P. & Yewande, R. O. (2015). Motivation and self-esteem: Exploring students’ gender, reasoning Levels and interest in secondary school chemistry. International Journal for Cross-Disciplinary Subjects in Education. 5(3).2583-2589. A Publication of Infonomics Society, London, United Kingdom. Available online