Information Service as Panacea for Effective Counselling.

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Anyama, S. C.
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Lagos State Chapter of Counselling Association of Nigeria
The paper examined information service as it relates to the achievement of effective counselling. In counselling and all aspects of human endeavours, information can be seen as systematic and organized tools that help individuals in acquiring knowledge and skills needed in making wise choices for appropriate adjustment in life. Information service is the provision of facts and data which will assist clients make realistic choices which are varied in nature and type. It discussed the nature, objectives, types and uses of information service for counselling effectiveness, Ways through which information service can provide valid facts and data in all aspects of human endeavours such as educational, vocational and personal-social were highlighted in order to assist counsellees develop decision making competencies on educational and vocational opportunities, personal and social developments among others. The dynamic nature of human behaviours coupled with the societal needs has made information service imperative for effective counselling because information is the input (raw material) and output (product) of effective counselling as observable in counsellee's behavioural outcome. Therefore, it is recommended that counsellors should continually undergo training in order to be grounded in effective use of current and accurate information so as to meet the contemporary needs of their clients because despite the fact that information is available to all humans, the nature of information processed determines the quality of life and living. Thus, effective information service is the springboard for effective counselling outcome.
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Information services , Panacea , Counselling , Vocational , Personal-social , Research Subject Categories::SOCIAL SCIENCES::Social sciences::Education
Anyama, S.C (2016). Information Service as Panacea for Effective Counselling. The Lagos Counsellor. 9(1) 191-199. Nigeria.