Knowledge and awareness of breast cancer among female secondary students in Nigeria

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Irurhe, NK
Raji, SB
Olowoyeye, OA
Adeyomoye, AA
Arogundade, RA
Soyebi, KO
Ibitoye, AZ
Abonyi, LC
Eniyandunni, FJ
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Carcinoma of the breast is the leading cause of death in women aged 30 years and above. It reduces the life expectancy of the population at risk especially those between 31 and 50. The incidence of breast cancer is rising rapidly in the population group that used to enjoy low incidence of the disease. Majority of the patients present late in the hospital. It is therefore pertinent to assess the level of awareness and knowledge of breast cancer. The purpose of the study was to assess the level of awareness and knowledge of breast cancer as well as breast self examination among secondary school students. The study was a cross-sectional survey amongst students of three secondary schools in Nigeria. Each respondent was given a self administered questionnaire.194 (97%) heard of breast cancer before, 61(30.5%) mentioned radio/television as the first source of information. Knowledge of respondents was low. In conclusion majority of the respondents had heard of breast cancer but the knowledge and understanding of the disease was very low.
Acad. J. Cancer Res. 2012;5(1):1-5