Mechanical and Wear Characteristics of Aluminium Brass

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Esezobor, D.E
Agbeleye, A.A
Onovo, H.O
Bodude, M.A
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University of Lagos Press, Akoka
In this paper, the influence of the processing parameters on the wear and mechanical properties of 5 – 12 % aluminum red brass (Al-brass) was studied. The wear characteristics of developed Al brass in dry sliding conditions were exposed through a series of pin-on-disc sliding wear tests. Three load levels of 2, 7 and 12N, sliding speeds of 125 and 250 rpm and two sliding distances of 392.7 and 785.4m were investigated. The mechanical properties of the Al brass were determined using standard techniques. The results showed an increase in tensile strength from 225 MPa at 5 % aluminum addition to a maximum of 248 MPa at 10% Al and then a decline to 240 MPa at 12 % Al. The peak stress value increases as the weight percentage composition of Al increases until at 11%Al when it reduces. The impact energy and the hardness values of the as-cast Al brass rose from 54.2 Joules and 81HRC to 122 Joules and 92.4 HRC respectively at 12 % aluminum addition. At lower load of 2N, the addition of 5 % of Al brought a drastic improvement (65 %) to the wear resistance at 125 rpm and 250rpm, but the improvement became consistent thereafter. The same trends occurred at load of 7 N, but with lower degree of improvement (approximately 40 %). In contrast, under higher load of 12 N, the addition of Al brought slight and consistent improvement (10 -15 %) to the wear resistance.
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Copper , Mass-loss , Strength , Wear
Esezobor, D.E, Agbeleye, A.A, Onovo, H.O and Bodude, M.A (2017). Mechanical and wear Characteristics of Aluminium Brass. Unilag Journal of Medicine, Science and Technology, Vol.5(2), 72-81p.