Synthesis, Characterization and Pd(II) Ions Coordination Equilibrium Studies of - octasubstituted octylthio- and dodecylthio-derivatised phthalocyanines

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Ogunbayo, T.B.
Akinbulu, I.A.
Mbambisa, G.
Olusegun, M.A.
Olafimihan, J.O.
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Ife Journal of Science
Two metal-free phthalocyanines, 1,4,8,11,15,18,22,25,-octakis(octylthio)phthalocyanine (H OOPc) and 2 1,4,8,11,15,18, 22,25,-octakis(dodecylthio)phthalocyanine (H ODPc) were synthesized and characterized 2 1 using Elemental analysis, IR, H NMR, and UV/Vis absorption spectroscopies. The Pd(II) coordination extent and sequence were investigated for the two molecules at room temperature. The extent and nature of the two processes were different for the two molecules. The numbers of Pd(II) ions bound by H OOPc and H ODPc 2 2 were 5 and 4 respectively, showing significant contribution from variation in chain length. The longer chain H Pc 2 behaved differently by disallowing Pd(II) ion coordination in its cavity. There was also a direct correlation between the carbon chain length and equilibrium constants, with the longer chain showing a lower equilibrium 9 3 -1 constant of 1.1 x 10 dm mol .
Equilibrium Constant , Phthalocyanines , Coordination , Octylthio , Dodecylthio , Palladium Ions