Determinants of Specialty Choice amongst Resident Doctors in Lagos

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Olajide, T.O
Seyi-Olajide, J.O
Ugburo, A.O
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Nigerian Quarterly Journal of Hospital Medicine
Background: Despite the long term effect of specialization choices by doctors, on the efficiency of healthcare delivery, consideration is not often given to under-served fields. The distribution of resident doctors across specialties will subsequently determine the balance and adequacy of healthcare provision in the future. Objective: To evaluate the factors that influence choice of specific specialties and to make recommendations targeted at meeting the medical specialist manpower needs of the populace. Methods: This is a cross-sectional study of resident doctors at the Lagos University Teaching Hospital, Lagos conducted in March 2014 using a self-administered, structured questionnaire. Data collected included biodata and important factors that influenced choice and analyzed. Results: There were 100(57.1%) males and 74 (42.3%) with age ranging from 26 to 45 years with a mean of 31.8 ± 0.3 years and a median of 31 years. The commonest areas of interest by the time of graduation, from medical school were the core clinical specialties of surgery 19(10.9%), paediatrics 17 (9.7%), obstetrics and gynaecology 11(6.2%) and internal medicine 3(1.7%). The factors that were rated to be very important in influencing specialty choice include availability of more time for family, leisure and vacation 81(46.3%), high intellectual content 67(38.3%), clinic based practice 66(37.7%), employment opportunity 62(35.4%), opportunity to operate 61(34.9%) and good financial prospects 58(33.1%). Conclusion: The preferred specialties are the core clinical specialties with the females showing less interest in the surgical specialties. The opportunity to operate and decreased workload are the most important predictors.
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Resident doctors , Healthcare delivery , Medical specialist , Research Subject Categories::MEDICINE::Surgery
Olajide TO, Seyi-Olajide JO, Ugburo AO. Determinants of Specialty Choice amongst Resident Doctors in Lagos. Nig Qt J Hosp Med 2018;28(3):202-209.