Factors influencing post-obturation pain in single visit root canal treatment employing rotary endodontics.

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Makanjuola, JO
Umesi, DC
Oderinu, OH
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APIDPM Sante Tropicale
Objectives To determine the prevalence of post-obturation pain following rotary endodontics in single-visit root canal treatment and to determine factors that may influence post-obturation pain Methodology A prospective, clinical study was conducted at a Nigerian Teaching Hospital. Single-visit root canal treatment was performed on seventy-five teeth. Biomechanical preparation of root canals was done employing ProTaper rotary system in a crown-down technique. Pain was reviewed over a 1-month period employing Universal Pain Assessment Tool5-Faces Scale and patients’ use of analgesics. Factors evaluated for influence on pain were age, gender, tooth type and pre-operative diagnosis. Data was analyzed using Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS) version 20.0, Test for association between prevalence of pain and categorical variables were carried out using Pearson’s chi-square. Level of statistical significance was set as p ≤ 0.05. Results Seventy five subjects were treated. Forty-five (60%) were females and 58.7% belonged to 21-30 years age-group. The central incisors (28%) followed by first molars (23.5%) were the most frequently treated teeth and 56% of the entire teeth presented with apical periodontitis, Table 1. At 1-day review, 38.7% of the teeth had post-obturation pain with central incisors (28%) followed by first molars (23.5%) having the highest prevalence. The prevalence of pain progressively and by the 1-month review, the total pain prevalence reduced to 5.3%. Factors significantly associated with post-obturation pain were being females (p=0.050) and posterior teeth (p=0.037) at both 1-week and 1-month review periods respectively. Conclusion Factors which affect post-obturation pain following single-visit root canal treatment employing ProTaper rotary instrumentation include gender and tooth-type. Post-obturation pain which occurred within 24 hours following treatment steadily reduced over one-month review.
Pain , Tooth-type , Rotary , Endodontics , Root-canal-treatment
Makanjuola JO, Umesi DC, Oderinu OH. (2018) Factors influencing post-obturation pain in single visit root canal treatment employing rotary endodontics. Odonto-stomatol Trop, 41(162), 5-11