The Beauty and Power of Numbers: Building Blocks for Mathematics and Scientific Development

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Odogwu, H.N
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University of Lagos Press
The study of Mathematics as a core subject cuts across all boards and has always left us with one question, "Why should Mathematics continue to be a compulsory subject in primary, secondary and to some extent in tertiary levels of education?" Those that questioned why Mathematics should be retained as a core course at the secondary school level or beyond, only vex themselves with using mathematical skills to solve life related problems. This is why I define Mathematics as the father of all forms of logical and rational reasoning, also indispensable in solving life challenges and problems. It is the first of the basic 3Rs of education, which are arithmetic, Reading and writing. What is Mathematics like? It is like air that comes in different forms of levels, e.g. breeze, wind, storm, tornado, hurricane, whirlwind, tempest, cyclone or blizzard. The simple part of mathematics is enjoyable just like a breeze but at the advanced stage of. it can be like a hurricane to those who have no use for It. Mathematics is like two young lovers in a relationship that ended up getting married. It is all about love, affection, romance, etc. But as they move on, it becomes more of responsibilities and hard work to keep it working.
Inaugural Lecture Series 2018
Mathematics , Secondary Schools , Nigeria , Numbers
Odogwu, H.N (2018) The Beauty and Power of Numbers: Building Blocks for Mathematics and Scientific Development. An Inaugural Lecture Delivered at the University of Lagos, Lagos, Akoka.