Multipled fixed point theorems in cone metric spaces

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Olaoluwa, H.O.
Olaleru, J.O
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Springer Open Journal
In this paper, the concept of common multipled fixed points of w-compatible nonlinear contractive maps in cone metric spaces, which are generalizations of common coupled fixed points, is introduced. A new concept of product cone metric spaces is used to establish the existence and uniqueness of their multipled fixed points. Our results generalize several results in the literature including those of Olaleru (Fixed Point Theory Appl. 2009:657914, 2009), Sabetghadam et al. (Fixed Point Theory Appl. 2009:125426, 2009) and Abbas et al. (Appl. Math. Comput. 217:195-202, 2010; Appl. Math. Comput. 216:80-86, 2010). In addition, the methodology of proof in this manuscript shows that some fixed point results in cone metric spaces are equivalent to multipled fixed point results and vice versa.
multipled fixed points; product cone metric spaces; w-compatible maps
H.O. Olaoluwa and J.O. Olaleru (2014): Multipled fixed point theorems in cone metric spaces. Fixed point Theory and Applications a Springer Open Journal.