Prevalence of hypertension and obesity among intercity commercial bus drivers in Lagos State, Nigeria

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Olatona, F.A.
Abiola, A.O.
Alomaja, O.J.
Amira, C.O.
Odugbemi, T.O.
Akodu, B.A
Moronkola, RK
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Background: There is a growing burden of hypertension and obesity in developing countries and commercial bus drivers are a vulnerable occupational group due to environmental and lifestyle characteristics linked with their jobs. Objective: The broad objective of this study was to assess the prevalence of obesity and hypertension among commercial bus drivers in Lagos State. Methods: The study design was a descriptive cross-sectional study design among 507 commercial bus drivers. A pre-tested interviewer-administered questionnaire was used for the collection of data on socio-demographic characteristics, hypertension history, lifestyle habits, and biometric measurements. Data analyzed with Epi-Info version statistical software. Univariate and bivariate analyses were carried out. P< 0.05 was considered statistically significant. Results: The response rate was 98% and the mean age of respondents was 43.28+/- 10.76 years. Prevalence of hypertension and obesity were 35.8% and 16.1% respectively. There was a statistically significant (p< 0.05) relationship between age, number of years of driving, tobacco smoking, coffee drinking, alcohol consumption, and prevalence of hypertension and obesity. Conclusion: Prevalence of hypertension and obesity among the commercial bus drivers were similar to that of the urban population. Health education programs to modify lifestyle habits and thereby reduce the prevalence of hypertension and obesity are recommended.
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Prevalence , Hypertension , Obesity , lifestyle habits , Commercial drivers , Research Subject Categories::MEDICINE
Abiola AO, Alomaja OJ, Amira CO, Olatona FA, Odugbemi TO Akodu BA, Moronkola RK. Prevalence of hypertension and obesity among intercity commercial bus drivers in Lagos State, Nigeria. Caliphate Medical Journal. 2017; 5:392-396