Halitosis amongst students in tertiary institutions in Lagos state

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Joda, A.E.
Olukoju, O.O.
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African Health Sciences (AHS)
Background: Halitosis is defined as a noticeable unpleasant odor from the mouth. It is a medico-social problem that affects a significant number of people around the world. Research reveals that nearly 50% of the adult population has halitosis. Objectives: To determine level of awareness of halitosis and prevalence of the condition amongst students in tertiary institutions as a baseline survey. Methods: For this project, 100 students from three tertiary institutions in Lagos state were chosen: University of Lagos, Lagos State University, Ojo campus and Yaba College of Technology. A semi-structured questionnaire and practical testing/diagnostic tool were utilized. Data collected was collated and analyzed using Microsoft Excel 2007 and SPSS statistical software. Results: Most of the respondents were single and Christian. Level of awareness of halitosis was high. Results showed that 15%, 2% and 22% from UNILAG, LASU and YCT respectively said they had halitosis. Using the diagnostic tool, 6%, 8% and 2% respectively were positive for halitosis. Conclusions: There is high level of awareness of halitosis among the respondents. The prevalence of the disorder is low, however, it is recommended that enlightenment campaigns be mounted in schools to improve level of awareness and treatment seeking.
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Halitosis , In-School youth , Tertiary Institutions , Students , Lagos State , Research Subject Categories::PHARMACY
Joda, A.E. and Olukoju, O.O. (2012). Halitosis amongst students in tertiary institutions in Lagos state. African Health Sciences, 12(4):473-478