Increased de novo glutathione production enhances sexual dysfunctions in rats subjected to paradoxical sleep deprivation

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Medubi, L.J
Nwosu, N.C
Medubi, O.O
Lawal, O.R
Ama, C
Kusemiju, T.O
Osinubi, A.A
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JBRA Assisted Reproduction
Objective: Poor quality of sexual life has been report- ed secondary to poor sleep or sleep deprivation. Paradoxi- cal sleep is an integral part of the sleep-wakefulness phys- iology and prolonged paradoxical sleep deprivation (PSD) may even be fatal. The objective of this investigation was to determine if D-ribose-L-cysteine (RibCys) and zinc (Zn) administration can attenuate the effect of PSD on the sex- ual function of male rats. Methods: Following acclimatization, 25 male rats were randomly distributed into five groups of 5 rats each. The PSD, PSD+RibCys, PSD+Zn, PSD+RibCys+Zn, and Control groups were sleep-deprived only, sleep-deprived and giv- en 100mg/kg body-weight of pure RibCys, sleep-deprived and given 10mg/kg body weight Zn, sleep-deprived and given a combination of 100mg/kg of RibCys and 10mg/kg of Zn, and given distilled water without sleep deprivation, respectively. PSD lasted for 20 hours per day for 14 days. Subsequently, the sexual behavioral study was carried out and the animals were sacrificed for biochemical assays. Results: Analyses of results show that for animals treated with RibCys or Zn, all sexual parameters such as mount frequency and latency, intromission frequency and latency and ejaculation frequency and latency were signifi- cantly improved compared with animals subjected to PSD only. This improvement correlates strongly with serum glu- tathione (GHS) levels. Conclusion: In summary, riboceine increases circulat- ing GHS, which leads to improved sexual function during sleep deprivation.
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Sleep deprivation , Sexual behaviour , Glutathione , Male Rats , Research Subject Categories::MEDICINE
Medubi, L. J., Nwosu, N. C., Medubi, O. O., Lawal, O. R., Ama, C., Kusemiju, T. O., & Osinubi, A. A. (2021). Increased de novo glutathione production enhances sexual dysfunctions in rats subjected to paradoxical sleep deprivation. JBRA assisted reproduction, 25(2), 215–222.