Influence Of Learners’ Characteristics and Enabling Inputs on Secondary School Students’ Achievement in Chemistry

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Okafor, N
Fajugbagbe, O
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Research and Scientific Innovation Society
This paper examined the influence of learners’ characteristics (prior knowledge and school readiness) and enabling inputs (instructional, infrastructural facilities and human resources) as well as school type on secondary school students’ achievement in chemistry. Three research questions guided the study. Correlational and quantitative research designs were adopted which involved a sample of 469 Senior Secondary School 2 (SS2) chemistry students from Anambra State. Three instruments were used in data collection which include: Learners Characteristics Rating Scale (LCRS); Enabling Inputs Rating Scale (EIRS) and Chemistry Achievement Test (CAT). Data were analyzed using mean, standard deviation, step-wise and multiple regression analysis. Results show that school types, prior knowledge and teaching learning materials had highest influence on students’ achievement in chemistry. Also, a joint influence of teaching learning materials, infrastructural facilities and human resources on students’ achievement in chemistry was obtained. The paper concludes that adequate attention should be given to learners’ characteristics and enabling inputs to foster quality education in Nigeria as stipulated in the senior secondary school chemistry curriculum. The paper suggests that schools should be adequately prepared in providing stimulating, inspiring and learner-friendly classroom environments for meaningful teaching and learning of chemistry to take place.
enabling input , School Types , Human Resource , Achievement , Prior knowledge
Okafor, N & Fajugbagbe, O (2022). Influence of Learners’ Characteristics and Enabling Inputs on Secondary School Students’ Achievement in Chemistry. International Journal of Research and Innovation in Social Science (IJRISS). 6(5), 755-761. A publication of Research and Scientific Innovation Society, Gurugram, Delhi, India. Available online at