Surgical management of pygopagus parasiticus in a developing country: Challenges and review of the literature

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Ademuyiwa, AO
Alabi, EO
Idiodi-Thomas, HOI
Bankole, OB
Elebute, OA
Alakaloko, FM
Desalu, I
Bode, CO
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are a rare aberration of monozygotic twinning which could be symmetric or asymmetric. Pygopagus parasiticus is a form of asymmetric twinning in which the parasitic or incomplete twin is attached to the autosite (dominant twin). We present our recent experience in the management of a case of pygopagus parasiticus highlighting the challenges peculiar to developing economies such as ours and how such challenges could be surmounted.
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Conjoint twins , Pygopagus parasiticus , Monozygotic twinning , Patients , Research Subject Categories::MEDICINE
Ademuyiwa AO, Alabi EO, Idiodi-Thomas, Bankole OB, Elebute OA, Alakaloko FM, Desalu I, Bode CO. Surgical management of Pyropagus in a developing country: Challenges and review of the literature. Journal of Pediatric Surgery CASE REPORT 3. 2015:58-62