Legal Issues in Geographic Information System and Management

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Nwilo, P.C
William, N
Badejo, O.T
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Nigerian Institution of Surveyors
The operation of Geographic System (GIS) entails a set of issues, and noticeable among these is institutional. Institutional issues refer to the established laws and customs and to some extent the administrative structure needed to put GIS in place. The term "institutional". embodies a whole lot of issues, among which are: legal, land information policy, data standard and exchange, developing financial arrangement, assessing user requirement and system constraints etc. Institutional issues have been addressed in this paper with special emphasis on the legal aspect, Challenges to be faces by our Third Republic Lawmakers, as regards legal issues currently under debate within the geographic information community, in dealing with intellectual property rights, privacy acts, sales of GIS data, and liability have been examined.
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Information Management , Surveying
Nwilo, P.C, William N & Badejo, O.T (1999) Legal Issues in Geographic Information System and Management. Proceedings of the Technical Session of the 36th Annual General Meeting and Conference held at Nnamdi Azikwe University