Cognitive Resrtucturing And Poverty Alleviation In Nigeria.

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Ubangha, B.M.
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In recent years, there has been a renewal of interest in academic and policy circles on poverty reduction in Nigeria. Despite the implementation of a combination of market and empowerment approaches to combat poverty, this multi-dimensional problem has continued to defy solution. This paper provides a simple, coherent and practical approach to alleviating poverty. It reviews the diverse strands of theoretical and empirical literature concerned with the definition and measurement of poverty and reviews the trend in poverty alleviation in Nigeria since the 1970s. The paper argues that human cognition and affect, more than anything else, are critical to the success of any poverty reduction programme. It further asserts that until the irrational thoughts and beliefs of Nigerians are replaced with rational philosophies and positive self-statements, efforts aimed at poverty alleviation WI?1continue to bear no good returns. Finally, the essential elements of the re-education process are presented in a lucid and simple step-by-step manner.
Conference Paper
Poverty Alleviation , Human Cognition
Ubangha,B.M. (1999)Cognitive Resrtucturing And Poverty Alleviation In Nigeria.Being a Paper Presented At The 4th Annual Conference Of The Nigeria Educational Research Reporters Association (NERRA) Held At The University Of Calabar,Calabar, Nigeria.