Empirical Evience Of The Usage And Benefits Of Management Accounting Techniques In Nigeria Companies.

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AjiboIade, S.O.
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National Association for the Advancement of Knowledge (NAFAK) University of Benin, Benin City
Deriving from arguments that the traditional management (MA) techniques may no longer be relevant in the modern industry, accounting research has recommended new MA techniques. These new techniques, which have been introduced into accounting education in the developed countries, have had very little attention in Nigerian accounting education.This study reports evidence on the extent of usage of these new MA techniques in comparison with the traditional techniques in Nigerian companies and the perception of practitioners on the level of benefits derived from them. Date obtained from 83 medium-sized to large companies covering the manufacturing. Financial and non- financial service companies in Lagos State. Nigeria are analyzed using Percentages. Means and Mann Whitney test. The results reveal that although, many traditional management accounting techniques are used to a higher extent than a number of the new management accounting techniques, these new techniques have also gained wide usage in business. The companies in the financial service industry, oil and gas and the pharmaceuticals for instance reveal a moderate level of usage of the integration of the financial and non-financial measures of performance (BSC) with mean usage at 3.67, 3.6 and 3.67 respectively. The Mann Whitney test however, indicates statistically significant differences at p<0.05 in the level of usage and benefits from both categories of techniques. Following the evidence of the usage of the new MA techniques in practice, there is need, to pay greater attention to them. Steps should therefore be taken to incorporate research findings about practice into accounting curricula and textbooks.
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Management Accounting , Companies
AjiboIade,S.O. (2010) Empirical Evience Of The Usage And Benefits Of Management Accounting Techniques In Nigeria Companies. Knowledge Review A Multidisciplinary Journal, Vol. 21, (3), p. 69 - 79.