Ethno-religious conflicts and state fragility in Africa: Trends and prospects for the 21st century

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Onuoha, B.
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This paper focuses on the Mano River Basin in West Africa, Nigeria, Sudan/Chad,Democratic Republic of the Congo, and the Great Lakes region of East Central Africa, and argues that the structure of ethno-religious conflicts in Africa, which are largely the aftermath of colonialism, intensify state fragility, lack of governmental capacity, and inability to sustain democracy. The paper argues that ethnicity and religion in Africa are more than aspects of politics in the struggle for power. They are indications of unresolved issues of citizenship,ineffective leadership, and the failure of ill-defined nation-building efforts bereft of ideology, and a compelling need for territorial restructuring as in EasternEurope in the 1990s. Examining several key ethno-religious African conflicts,the paper concludes that a combination of good governance and territorial restructuring are fundamental to Africa's stable future and development in the 21st century
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conflict , ethno-religious conflict , state fragility , Africa , Research Subject Categories::SOCIAL SCIENCES::Social sciences::Political science
Onuoha, B. (2013). Ethno-religious Conflicts and State Fragility in Africa: Trends and Prospects for The 21st Century. Asia Journal of Global Studies: Vol. 5, (1-2), 4.