The Occupational Prestige of Engineering: Perceptions of Student Engineers in Nigeria

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Kamiyo, O
Ajiboye, J.S
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Within the framework of occupational prestige assessment, a survey was carried out amongst future engineers in Nigeria to determine their perception of engineering profession relative to a range of occupations. A que tionnaire was administered to 100 undergraduate engineering students. Eight occupations were rated on six dimensions, i.e. levels of intelligence required, income, social tatus, responsibility, relevance or usefulness to the society, and the proportion of women. The results indicate that future engineers in Nigeria believe their profession possesses relatively high social status, together with Bank Manager and Medical Doctor, and is differentiated from the proximate professions of Engineering Technologist and Motor Mechanic. The e results lead to the conclusion that engineering in Nigeria is held in high esteem - it ha a clear identity and professional status, and, with the increasing proportion of women, it i likely to be regarded as an equally desirable future occupation for both genders.
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Occupational Prestige , Engineering Students
Kamiyo, O and Ajiboye, J.S (2002) The Occupational Prestige of Engineering: Perceptions of Student Engineers in Nigeria. African Regional Conference on Engineering Education and Sub-Regional Workshop on New Engineering Curriculum in Partnership with UNESCO, held at the University of Lagos, Akoka.