Nigerian Educational System:

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Azenabor, C.E.
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Our enthusiasm for education seems to be paralleled by our ignorance of what education is . Education for what ? For whom? And how? Is there no relationship between a society and the type of education it imbibes? These questions border on educational value and goal. It is in an attempt to proffer answers to these questions, examine and evaluate the principles and the validity of thought that underline issues in Nigerian educational system that this paper is being written. Periodic and constant examination of the Issues, Problems and prospect in the educational system of any country is necessary, because any desirable development hinges upon the educational system. The nature of the issues, and problem,in Nigerian educational system are conceptual,historical, methodological moral and financial. We show that any educational policy , if it is to gain credence and vitality must function in and draw inspiration from a dynamic philosophy. It is only a thorough knowledge of philosophy that can meet the greater challenges of education. Given the necessary philosophical tools, we should be tending towards an indigenous educational philosophy for Nigeria.
Conference Paper
Educational System , Development
Azenabor,C.E. (1997) Nigerian Educational System:Problems and Prospects. Being a paper presented at An International Conferenee on "Africa:Philosophy and Public Affairs" at Bigard Memorial Seminary Enugu, Enugu State, Nigeria.