Challenges of Public Libraries Patrons in the Use of Information Services for Attainment of Health Millennium Development Goals

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Omotosho, A
Okiki, O.C
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The area of health related issues are included, maternal and child mortality has plagued the country through time. Lately, government and stakeholders are discussing development of health policies, establishment of health centres, and setting up information management centres on health for some hospitals in the country. However, Public libraries have been overlooked in this regard. Undermining the role of the public libraries in the community, they are not considered when decisions are made which cannot survive without the provision of information in that respect. Therefore, the role of public libraries in the attainment of MDGs health issues becomes a daunting task for these institutions
Health information , Millennium Development Goals
Omotosho, A. M., & Okiki, O. C. (2012). Challenges of public libraries patrons in the use of information services for attainment of health Millennium Development Goals.