Hypo, Hyper-the enigma of life

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Oduwole, A.O.O.
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University of Lagos Press and Bookshop Limited
The title of this lecture is HYPO. HYPER: THE ENIGMA OF LIFE. This' reflects and defines what endocrlnoloqy is to me. , Endocrinology is' the study of the behaviour of a minute amount of chemical substances called hormones whose deficiencies (Hypo) or excess ,(Hyper)production, secretion, inability to attach to or detach from receptors in the cell of action cause clinical disorders. It is the privilege of the Paediatrician subspecialist known as the Paediatric Endocrinologist to resolve or unravel these clinical posers that are sometimes present like an enigma in the child or an adolescent.
A Inaugural Lecture Delivered at University of Lagos, Akoka
The Endocrine System , Diabetes Mellitus (DM) , Children & Adolescents , Thyroid gland , Research Subject Categories::MEDICINE
Oduwole, A.O.O. (2019). Hypo, Hyper-the enigma of life. An Inaugural Lecture Delivered at the J.F. Ade-Ajayi Auditorium University of Lagos, Akoka, 78p.