Preparation and Characterization of Zeolite type 4A using Kaolin from Ajebo, Nigeria

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Mgbemere, Henry
Ekpe, Ikenna
Lawal, Ganiyu
Ovri, Henry
Chaudhary, Anna-Lisa
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Universiti Putra Malaysia Press
This work investigates the hydrothermal synthesis and characterization of zeolite-4A from kaolin found in Ajebo, Nigeria calcined at 700 and 900oC respectively. The synthesized zeolite-4A was further characterised using X-ray Fluorescence (XRF), Fourier Transform Infrared spectrometer (FTIR), Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM), X-Ray diffraction (XRD), Brunauer-Emmet-Teller (BET) surface area analysis as well as Differential Thermal Analysis/Thermo-gravimetric (TG). Water adsorption capacity tests were also carried out on the synthesized zeolite-4A. The results from the XRF measurements indicated that the amount of Al2O3 and SiO2 in the studied kaolin was similar to the standard kaolin composition making it a perfect candidate for zeolite-4A synthesis. FTIR showed the characteristic zeolite peaks while XRD confirmed the crystalline nature of the synthesized zeolite-4A. TG studies showed that the zeolite-4A samples were stable up to temperatures of 700oC. This stability as well as the surface area and pore size of 7 Å makes it potentially suitable for use in water treatment applications. The SEM showed cubic crystals which were typical of the morphology of zeolite-4A with water adsorption capacity of approximately 29%. These results indicate that zeolite-4A can be synthesized from kaolin found in Ajebo as an inexpensive alternative to traditionally sourced materials and also is suitable for use as adsorption agent.
Adsorption agent, Ajebo kaolin, hydrothermal, metakaolin, zeolite-4A , Research Subject Categories::TECHNOLOGY