Problem Facing Engineering Education in Africa:

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Falade, F.
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Engineering education is the process of training engineers for the purposes of initiating,facilitating and implementing the technological development of a nation. In Africa, the training of engineers has witnessed formidable challenges ranging from poor funding to inadequate facilities both quantitatively and qualitatively, non-availability of adequate human capacity, brain drain and poor staff training and retention profiles. Others include weak university/industry partnership, defective curricula, non-availability of local codes and monitoring standards for the training of prospective engineers and an inadequate ICT environment. African Engineering Education Association (AEEA) was established in 2006 in Pretoria, South Africa. It is to serve as the driving force for the African Regional Conference on Engineering Education, a biennial forum for all the stakeholders in Africa to identify and proffer solutions to the problems within the compass of engineering education in the region. AEEA aims at addressing all the issues of inadequacies in Engineering Education in Africa and fosters good relationship with both regional and international engineering organizations.
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Engineering Education , Africa
Falade, F. (2008) Problem Facing Engineering Education in Africa: The Role of African Engineering Education Association (AEEA). Being a Paper Presented At The 4th African Regional Conference on Engineering Education, Tanzania. Pp. 1 - 13.