Concormitant Diabetes Mellitus and Tuberculosis as seen in Lagos, Nigeria

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Odeniyi, I.A
Fasanmade, O.A
Ogbera, A.O
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Background: The frequency and enhanced severity of infection in uncontrolled diabetes were well known before and after discovery of insulin. The association between tuberculosis and diabetes was noted more than a thousand years ago. The concomitant existence of these conditions has great implications on the management of either disease. Objective: To describe the features of coexistence of both conditions (diabetes and tuberculosis) in a cohort of patients seen in a Nigerian tertiary health care delivery center. Material and Methods: Medical records of patients with diabetes mellitus and tuberculosis seen at Lagos University Teaching Hospital over a period of 3 years was entered into a standard pretested questionnaire and analysed. Data analysed include age, sex, duration of DM, anthropometric indices and drug therapy. Data were expressed in percentages. Results: The salient findings were: the majority of the cases were between 45 and 54 years, males predominated, and the duration of diabetes in the majority was between one year and 10 years. Extra pulmonary is as rare as in the general non-diabetic population. In the chest, right upper lobe consolidation is the commonest lesion in patients with diabetes and tuberculosis while cavities are not a prominent feature. Conclusion: Patients with diabetes mellitus are prone to developing tuberculosis. The longer the duration of diabetes, the higher the tendency to developing tuberculosis and the higher its severity. There is a male preponderance of concomitant disease.
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Diabetes Mellitus , Tuberculosis , Research Subject Categories::MEDICINE
Odeniyi IA, Fasanmade OA, Ogbera AO. Concormitant Diabetes Mellitus and Tuberculosis as seen in Lagos, Nigeria. Nigerian Endocrine Practice 2007; 1(3):5-9.