Implementation of Road Maintenance Works in Nigeria, using Labour- based Methods and Technology’

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Falade, F.
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Roads form an integral part of our lives and provide means of safe and economic transport of goods and people for various purposes. Presently, majority of our roads both in rural areas and urban centre are in a deplorable state because simple functional defects on them are being left to degenerate to structural defects due to lack of timely maintenance. The existing maintenance procedure is equipment intensive. The aging machineries require spare parts, refurbishment or utter replacement but the deregulation of the economy and devaluation of Naira have made it almost impossible to acquire these items, therefore, road maintenance suffers a serious neglect. In this paper, the existing maintenance methods and their short-comings are examined. Alternative methods are presented for rehabilitation and maintenance of roads at local, state and federal levels to an acceptable performance level throughout the year. Labour - and equipment - based construction methods of infrastructure are compared using a pilot project: Rehabilitation and maintenance of an existing Noforija - Imokun Yewa Road at Epe, as a case study. Labour - based methods and technologies are recommended as versatile tools to achieve an efficient way of keeping the roads in good condition considering the high level of available local resources and reduction In maintenance cost.
Conference Paper
Road Maintenance , Technology
Implementation of Road Maintenance Works in Nigeria, using Labour- based Methods and Technology. Being a Paper Presented At The 1996 National Engineering Conference on Engineering in Revitalising a Depressed Economy, pp. 22-31.