Promoting health and wellness in Lagos State through Sports

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Otinwa, G.O.
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Physical inactivity has been identified as one of the causative responsible for non-communicable diseases (NCD) such as cancer cardiovascular diseases and diabetes. These diseases are the leading. of preventable morbidity and disability and currently cause over 60% of global deaths 80% of which occur in developing countries which % belongs. Review of literature was the method adopted in this study. Attempt was made to define certain terms such as: Health Promotion, Wellness and Sports. Thereafter, the promotion of wellness in Lagos State was focused on essential pre-requisites for the attainment of optimal health. Conclusion was based on the acceptance of sport and exercise as the vehicle for the promotion of health through the adoption of active lifestyle.
Otinwa, G. O. (2012). Promoting health and wellness in Lagos State through Sports. Lagos Journal Of Studies in Physical, Health Education Recreation, Sports and Dance 2(2)17-28