Biologically Inspired Identification and Recognition System

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Nwoye, E. O.
Muoneke, J. E.
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International Journal of Computer and Information Technology- (OMICS Journal of Biometrics and Biostatistics)
This paper addresses the issue of multiple options in biometric identification technology. Bio-ID is a biometric Identification systems combining many options (DNA, Iris, Palmprint etc) especially the fingerprints and face to correctly identify the individual for purposes of financial transactions, personal identification, immigration documentation (passport) and transportation licenses (drivers licenses). It is a complete nature inspired identification and recognition technique, Bio-ID means no more Bank cards (debit or credit cards), no more even store cards, no more plastic or paper ID-cards, no more paper or e-passport and no more plastic driver’s licenses. Simply there is no more wallet and its contents. We implemented a holistic identification system that requires only man and his natural fingers, This new technology will create new employment opportunity without over emphasizing the novel soft-scanner and soft-camera technology innovations
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Bio-ID , Biometric , Identification , Transaction , Cards , Fingerprints , Security , Softscanner , Softcamera , Research Subject Categories::TECHNOLOGY::Bioengineering
Nwoye, e.O and Muoneke, J.E. (2013). Biologically Inspired Identification and Recognition System