Climatic conditions and the resilience of buildings along Lagos coastline

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Faremi, O.J.
Ajayi, O.O.
Zakariyyah, K.I.
Adenuga, O.A.
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Emerald Publishing Limited
Purpose – The study investigates the extent to which defects in coastline buildings are influenced by the climatic conditions within the coastal zones. Design/methodology/approach – The study conducted both desk study and field survey. The primary data for the study were collected through a cross-sectional survey of facilities and maintenance managers of randomly selected coastline buildings. Of the 120 self-administered structured questionnaires, 102 were successfully retrieved representing an 85% response rate. Data collected were analysed using charts, relative prevalence index and Spearman’s rho correlation visualization technique. Findings – Saltwater intrusion, ocean overflow, extreme rainfall, debris flow, floods and droughts are the prevalent climatic conditions along the coastline. Steel corrosion, foundation settlement, spalling of concrete and fading of finishes are prevalent defects in coastline buildings. The result shows a positive significant correlation between climatic conditions and defects in coastline buildings. Research limitations/implications – The study compliments literature on buildings resilience and maintenance management, and also provides a basis for streamlining future research on coastline buildings. Practical implications – The results provide information on climatic conditions and prevalent defects that should be considered during the design and construction of coastline buildings. The information provided could assist construction stakeholders in improving the resilience of coastline buildings. Originality/value – The study established that coastline buildings are vulnerable to a rapid rate of defect and deterioration which threatens the sustainability of coastline cities. It suggests measures that could improve the resilience of the elements and components of coastline buildings and consequently enhance the safety of life and property, and improve the physical and economic performance of coastline buildings.
Scholarly article
Faremi, J.O., Ajayi, O.O., Zakariyyah, K.I. and Adenuga, O.A. (2021). Climatic conditions and the resilience of buildings along Lagos coastline. Built Environment Project and Asset Management, Vol. 11 (4), 738-749.