Rarity of diabetes mellitus and high prevalence of hypertension in a rural west African Village

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Fasanmade, O.A
Akinkugbe, A
Amira, C.O
Fasanmade, O.O
Bandele, E.O
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American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists, Nigeria Chapter
Aims: To describe prevalence patterns of common non communicable diseases in a rural, coastal Nigerian community with a view to identifying disease burden and cardiovascular disease risk Method: A community screening program to identify the prevalence of hypertension and diabetes mellitus two major diseases that contribute to cardiovascular morbidity was carried out in September 2012 over a 2 day voluntary screening program after obtaining consent of the individuals and the community head. Results: 156 adult subjects turned out for the screening program, children were excluded. There were 47 males and 109 females. The mean age of the cohort was 38+12.98 years. Awareness of hypertension status was present in 113 (79%) of the subjects of which 33 (21%) were known hypertensive patients. 45 subjects didn’t know what DM meant while 110 were certain they were not diabetic. Their mean weight was 65.4 + 14.7kg, mean height 162.1 + 8.25cm, waist circumference was 85.38 + 11.95cm, hip circumference 97.33 + 11.31cm. 41 subjects had BP of >140mmhg systolic or >90mmHg diastolic. Only one subject had a casual blood sugar greater than 140mg/dl and none had glycosuria. Discussion: Obesity is not common in the rural coastal villages, likewise Type 2 DM is rare compared to hypertension which is about 20 times commoner even in these rural regions. The reasons for this disparity of two conditions that are component parts of the metabolic syndrome cannot be fully understood or explained, but this pattern may reflect the notion that in the metabolic syndrome hypertension is an earlier manifestation of metabolic syndrome than diabetes or that factors responsible for each of these conditions differ in this community. Conclusion: DM prevalence remains low in several rural areas of West Africa and more study to unravel the possible mechanisms of disease pattern needs to be carried out in order to promote healthy lifestyle.
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Diabetes mellitus , Hypertension , Prevalence , Rural west Africa , Nigerians , Research Subject Categories::MEDICINE
Fasanmade OA, Akinkugbe A, Amira CO, Fasanmade OO, Bandele EO. Rarity of diabetes mellitus and high prevalence of hypertension in a rural west African Village. Abstract from 5th congress, AACE Nigeria 2013