Chemical composition of Cola accuminata and Garcinia Kola seeds grown in Nigeria

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Adeyeye, E.I
Ayejuyo, O.O
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International Journal of food sciences and Nutrition
The proximate analysis and the determination of the minerals of Cola acuminata and Garcinia kola were carried out. Both types of seed have comparable values for dry matter, crude protein, ether extract and carbohydrate. High levels of crude fibre and total ash were observed in Cola acuminata. Mg, Na, K and P were higher in values in Cola acuminata and therefore can serve as a better source for such minerals. Cr was not detected in both samples. Pb was present in both samples probably as a result of environmental pollution. Since man does not require Pb in the body, consumers of the seeds should avoid large consumption of them. Garcinia kola substantially induces gastric acid secretion; it is therefore advisable that peptic ulcer patients should not eat Garcinia kola seeds.
Chemical composition , Cola acuminata , Proximate analysis
Adeyeye, E. I., & Ayejuyo, O. O. (1994). Chemical composition of Cola acuminata and Garcinia kola seeds grown in Nigeria. International journal of food sciences and nutrition, 45(4), 223-230.